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Bank show Scoop Cruise vintage Scoop Mail fest. In today's episode the guys try to tackle the mound of Scoop Mail after they discuss their first few days on board the ship. Topics include: Benedict Negro, Christmapus, a CHUD haunted house, the UK port ban, Indiana rounding Pi, romantic Paul, and Dildos as presents. And then 11 minutes and 19 seconds after the guys joke about reading all the scoop mail they brought along except 1, there is a so-called "data corruption" turning several old unread scoop mails into forever lost scoop mails. So if you're ever wondering if we got to your scoop mail, we did... but you probably won't get to hear it. SCOOP MAIL: Sacktomonkey/ Dustin/ Jane Cobbs Cap/ Simon/ Fudgy Numbers/ Sod Pen/ Moxie Fox

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