Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social (general)

Matt and Mattingly, well really mostly Matt gets criticized for how the Indiana Issue was handled the week before. Scoop Cruise ahoy! Scoop mail includes an amazing Italian Air Show and Scoop Jock Vs Nerd. 

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The Bucket Show get thrust into film noir like mysterious circumstances. A legit Scoop Cruise opportunity presents itself. Paul fails to describe anything on the internet. Paul is curious about Matt's need to paint a crib. Matt gets a new job without getting rid of his old one. Scoop Mail and Jock vs. Nerd.

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Its the one year anniversary for these April Fools! Topics: Indiana, Harry Reid, ICS Porn, Gay Hating Bakers, Scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd. 

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There are references to Matt having his next kid but the truth is Matt just messed up his own schedule and screwed thing up for Paul and Jacob this week. So the baby banks are wasted on red tape nonsense. Just another reason to shy away from team Sling and go for team Slide.

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3 Murdochs, a rap song, and hot dog speghetti. This is a bank show but Matt is not having another kid yet despite the references. 

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The boys discuss highlights from Penn's 60th birthday including performances by Piff the Magic Dragon and Billy the Mime. Scoop Jock Vs Nerd and Scoop Mail.  

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Limerick Challenge, Jacob reports on Newsies, Scoop Mail, Does Ace have a hot girlfriend, Jizz Ribbon Bandits and the Return of Scoop Nurse with another gross story. Plus Retiring football players vs new football games in Jock Vs. Nerd

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food. Mail. Jock vs nerd. 

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Matt comes straight from the hospital. White guilt on social media, scoop mail and jock vs nerd. 

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Pimp Court appears in Jock Vs. Nerd and we hear some misfired proposal stories in Scoop Mail. A Scoop also solicites some snappy comebacks for a situation at work. We also try out a new section called "Fresh Stats!"

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