Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social (general)

Matt doesn't drag race a cop. Scoop Mail and Scoopardy. 

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Matt gets bummed about flat earthers. Paul talks Tood McFarland. Scoop Mail and Scoopardy. 

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Paul takes his luck of clothing in 50 Shades to the next level. Scoop Mail. The jock vs Nerd will be televised. Jacob figures out how to show Scoopardy on the twitch channel. 

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Paul has a flashback. Jacob goes nuclear. Scoop Mail. Jock Vs Nerd. 

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Matt gets fucked with by two gyms. Paul digs his Putty. Scoopmail and Jock Vs Nerd. 

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Matt runs into Malcolm Gladwell's voice again. Paul thinks there might be aliens. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd. 

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The boys talk Glow. Jacob is on a first name basis with Queen. Jock Vs Nerd. Scoop Mail. 

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Boys catch up with Brian Gramo and keep messing with Twitch. Scoop mail and jock vs Nerd. 

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PSS co host- Michael Goudeau finally gets his ass in the churn! Scoop Mail and Jock vs Nerd. Also, this episode recording was broadcast live on 

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Paul went down another conspiracy rabbit hole. Jock vs Nerd and scoop Mail 

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