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Matt and Paul discuss Last Comic Standing's Monroe Martin, Tracy Morgan, and women's roles in Orange is the New Black. (No spoilers) Plus, one good reason to try dumpster diving in LA, what a unicorn horn is called, and Paul's second novel "Pasted in the Body" is discovered.

Jock Vs. Nerd: Andy Murray's kooky coaching choice vs. The Video Game that never was or wil be.

Sccop Mail: Dustin thanks Paul for defending Bronies. Stephen writes a couple of poems for Paul and Matt. asks the boys which video game they would live in. Nic is impatient and wants to send the guys stuff, but can't! Joel appreciates Matt's name dropping and asks the boys which video game they would live in. Travis corrects the boys about the supposed death of Segway Founder. Scoopette E talks about her crappy job working at a salmon factory.

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The tremendously funny and lovely Kasey Wilson sits in with Matt and Paul and discusses her version of "Antiquing" in Las Vegas.  Paul and Kasey compare My Little Pony collections. Kasey slams Matt with facts about the tensions between Northern and Southern Californians.  Would we tolerate Billy Bob Thorton if he wasn't famous?  The trio discuss their very first roles they were cast in as children.  Kasey reveals her history of stand up, improv, and burlesque.  She also talks about the very crazy creation process of Vegas Nocturne at Rose Rabbit Lie in the Cosmopolitan. Plus, Paul loves Peaches, someone is fisting jars of jelly, and everyone is still pissed about the last season of Lost. Jock Vs. Nerd: California Chrome's owner's new basketball hustle Vs. The new PS4 TV show about detecting super powers that somehow does now involve horses.

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The very lovely and extremely talented Kristen Hertzenberg stops by to chat about her childhood ambition for singing Opera, dropping that dream for musical theater, and taking "Acting for Opera Singers" as an actual class, for real, in college. Matt and Kristen reveal the secret world of "8 count" parties. Paul invents Karoa-opera, and explores a world where we outlaw pasta. Matt and Kristen debate the plot and morality of The Phantom of the Opera.  Is the Phantom a date rapist? Can there be theater in Florida without the crinkling of candy wrappers? Why is Matt the only person who knows why all three in the studio played Right Field as baseball players in school?

Scoop Mail: SactoMonkey calls out Paul for baseball "rehearsal". Jeff takes sports breaks at work. Kevin's bad job was as a soldier, where in remote areas, stirring flaming drums of burning poop. He also asks Paul about David Goyer's She Hulk comments. Sine in Denmark doubles down on asking vague questions.

Jock Vs. Nerd: Clippers New Ballm'ing Owner Vs.12 Years a Star Wars cast member.

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Vegas is the club capital on the world. Can it come to a screeching hault with the loss of a thumb drive? Should someone who loses said thumb drive get paid $15 million dollars.  Also, Matt struggles to get Paul's attention as he explains Sabermetric statistics in sports. Matt deals with an anti-vaccine facebook friend, Paul gets threatened driving down Las Vegas Blvd, and Matt begs people to stop saying the Pope and President are posing for "selfies".  Plus, Maya Angelou laps dances, Jupiter is in the Money House, and Lottery Ticket stores.

Scoop Mail: Scoop John B digs Blue Bell ice cream, Chrisy wants Scoop Con to happen, Lori wants to know the origin of the Ice Cream Social, Oli from the UK want to know Paul's take on competitive (video) gaming

Jock Vs. Nerd: Matt dares Paul to tell him anything at all about the Stanley Cup Finals Vs. Paul dreads a certain shallow Hollywood mogul getting his hand on Paul's favorite Jap-Anime of all time.

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Being married to Jacob the audio guy is a horror no one would wish on their worst enemy.  Yet, somehow Sarah Jessica Rhodes still works and dreams and manages to get out of bed every day.  Plus, she tours with Terry Bradshaw's show as a singer and dancer, performs in Rock Vault at LVH in Las Vegas and has been hired to pay tribute as Lady Gaga, Miley Cirus, and most recently Taylor Swift. We talk about what it takes to keep working in Vegas, a whole lot about the WWE for some reason, growing up in east Texas, and experiencing an absolutely terrible night as a go go dancer.  Scoop Mail: Sacto Monkey talks about his worst job at a pizza place and Moxie Fox gets some personal advice about dealing with an Ex.

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Everything is melting around Matt and Paul as Las Vegas hits triple digit temperatures.  Paul and Matt take on Nascar and other local driving challenges.  Matt is a real jerk twice in two weeks and is lucky to be alive.  Paul's only fight in life ends in a way that makes him the nerd we all now know and love.  Matt breaks down the 3 games anyone should play to get through a baseball game they don't care about.  Plus, what panel is missing from every Batman comic? Scoop Mail: Greg breaks down Ice Cream Social's early hits and Stephen needs 5 pieces of advice from two tubby lumberjacks.  Jock Vs. Nerd: Dodger Catcher's really funny injury Vs. A famous toy mogul kicks the bucket.

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"A huge dripping wet scoop" is how Graham Fenton describes himself.  A quick recap of of The Ice Cream Social logo saga kicks off the interview.  We play a sample of A Million Pieces' hit single "Take It Or Leave It" and get into the histroy of the band, Graham's song writing method's, and how Graham was discovered singing in a Los Angeles pizza place. Fenton also addresses growing in southern New Jersey and how he was raised without religon. Also, Paul also busts out his best inner Springsteen.  Jock Vs Nerd: Google's purchase of a video game channel Vs Lebron James, still a huge A-hole.

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Were Henry Ford and Walt Disney antisemitic? What would happen if the walked in to a bar? Matt talks a little bit about his time as a house keeper in the virgin island and being divorcee man bait. Paul and Matt still buy CDs like knuckle dragging cavemen.  Also: the history of Nintendo, meaning of its name, and which host looks more like Fred Flintstone?  Matt's car breaks down in the middle of the desert and he may or may not be able to get help.  Scoop Mail: Matt and Paul get their first offer for a personal podcast and it includes bronies, gladiators, and old fries. The boys are challenged to a few tough either/or questions that involve meat and beards. Plus, Matt has a scoop take over his fantasy baseball team. Jock Vs. Nerd: Can you remember what an XMT athlete is? Vs. Paul discusses his man crush of John Carmack yet again.

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President of Voodoo Puppy Games, Seth Chaffee talks about Paul's favorite figure in Virtual Reality, John Carmack. Also, discussed: How is current independent game development similar to show business and even more importantly, when we will have virtual porn? Matt hates another stupid Facebook meme.  Paul and Matt debate which virtual game they'd rather see first: Jay-Z Surprise Rap Attack or The Penis Cake Bakery. Seth reveals his virtual reality demo where you get to fly you to the greatest place in the world. Scoop Mail: Did we really piss off our last guest, Benedikt? What is Derby Cake? Jock Vs. Nerd: Former Giant player's drunken taser battle with cops Vs. Paul's problem with latest Marvel movie casting.

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Paul and Matt dissect all the levels of bigotry surrounding the St Louis Rams 7th round draft pick, the openly gay Michael Sam and the kiss that kicked the hornets nest of ignorant dipshits. Plus, Paul may or may not have a mom jeans fetish.  Matt sees Mike Birbiglia perform for the first time in ten years and is blown away.  Ingrid Michaelson rocks House of Blues, but surprisingly cracks everyone up too.  Matt looks back on his first crappy waiter job.  Matt and Paul launch a new improv show in Las Vegas. Scoop Mail: How did Matt and Paul meet? Did someone come up for a better listener name than scoop? The exposing of the original top secret Pie Day Friday. Jock Vs. Nerd: The death of geek culture titan Vs. Seriously, should we allow gay guys to kiss each other?

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