Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

Matt sees MJ1. Paul gets a phone call. Jacob the Farmer Guy stops by. Jock Vs. Nerd and Scoop Mail. 

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Fresh from half of a puppy rescue, Kasey stops by. Matt tries to purchase his wife a massage. Paul goes to a museum. 

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Matt stays at the dirty dancing hotel. Paul watches some more bullshit on you tube. Slappy McGhee in studio. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd. 

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Late night whiskey recordings and champagne dreams. Happy New Years all! See you soon!

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Nonsense served with all the accoutrements, including but not limited to scoop Mail and Jock Vs. Nerd. Bon aperitifs. 

Matt Paul and Jacob discuss nonsense. And it’s kinda cold. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd. 

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RJ stops by, Paul can’t stop going to conspiracy rabbit holes, Matt deals more openly with addiction, and Jacob loses the hots for Star Wars. Physical Scoop Mail and Triple Jock VS Nerd including an old school one. 

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Paul gets his world view validated by the NYTimes. Matt gets his world view destroyed by Christians, Trump, and Facebook. Jacob almost goes to jail. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd

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Hill Bill auditions for AGT. Paul knows the ancient history of ninja and kites. Jacob tackles walking up stairs. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd

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Matt is losing his voice and mind after a visit to Frankie's Tiki Lounge. Paul let’s us in on the latest in alien happenings. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs nerd

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