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Amir discusses life in Iran during political upheaval, the arrest of his father, and growing up in a family of wrestlers.  Whether it's body building, mixed martial arts, or semi professional football, Amir can't stop getting pro offers. Amir adjusts to life in America, sets his plan for the summer Olympics in Brazil, and perhaps a life in the WWE. He discusses his insane youtube videos and forgets his Instagram Account. (AMIRFILA99) JOCK VS NERD: Sale of the Clippers Court Battle VS DVD Release of the 60's Batman TV Shows.

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Ice Cream Social wins "Best Local Podcast" from Vegas Seven Magazine. Matt has a frustrating experience at a new fancy Mexican Restaurant. Matt and Paul want to launch Titty Show.  MAtt's first BJ happened at a James Bond Party. JOCK VS NERD: NFL players suspensions vs. premature sequaling of Gaurdians of Galaxy. Plus, Scoop Mail Extravaganza!

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Matt recalls when his show was used for an engagement in the Edinburgh Fringe Fest. He also tells his engagement story. Jacob and Paul have very different stories. Plus, Paul reveals one if his own shitty jobs where he skinned was changed sparkly purple in a chemical accident. The boys address weight loss successes and failures. MEGA SCOOP MAIL: Paul and Matt address many listener emails. JOCK VS NERD Rory's Dad cashes in VS Paul's latest bullshit. 

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Kasey briefly discusses the closing of Vegas Nocturne at Rose Rabbit Lie in the Cosmopolitan, the weird ass rip off show that immediately replaced it, and her odd plan for dealing with unemployment that involves canned goods. Plus, if Robin Leach were a cleptomaniac, how would it effect Las Vegas. JOCK VS NERD: Dwayne the Rock Johnson enters the DC universe and Tony Dungy hates them gays. 

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An Anonymous Scoop Schools Paul and Matt on Trans Gender and Transvestite Respect. Paul hedges a bit on moon landing conspiracy. Paul might hate Lebron James more than Matt does now, the boys are still bafffled by Michael Jordan's Hitler Stash, and old Atari compatable porn games gets revealed.  JOCK VS NERD: Marv Albert's back biting past vs Vegas's latest nerd fest.

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Matt and Paul get Snoped on their DPH story. The boys welcome Houston, TX Improv Comic, Amy Birkhead into the studio. The three talk compare improv cities, talk teaching, and look back on her first job as a small town newspaper reporter.  Amy debates moving to NYC vs LA vs Austin, TX.  Matt and Paul debate whether Las Vegas has any museums.  JOCK VS. NERD: Starting Shortstop for the American League VS. What nerd fest tournament took place in Las Vegas over the weekend?

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Paul's Dog Is Dead, Jacob Is Fired, Matt Is Sick. Ice Cream Social Under Attack. Matt rides the new High Roller is Vegas to get a bird's eye view of Vegas's secret Swastika. Plus, the DPH story- We hope you are not eating anything. Cards against humanity steps in (BLANK). Some comedians are fighting back against being asked to apologize. Many questions answered in SCOOP MAIL. JOCK VS NERD: Something happened somewhere on the internet VS. Which member of Miami Thrice is being temped to jump ship and which other member might be totally okay with it.

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Seattle native, Rob Lyons, talks about the strange path he took from Guitar Store clerk to Broadway and the cities in between. Rob grew up in epicenter of the Grunge and played with Seattle legends, then with Million Dollar Quartet met new/old influences for his own music. Also, Rob brought a guitar into our studio (an ICS first) and plays a little acoustic version of his debut album "When It Haunts You".  Paul and Matt grill him on his favorite and least favorite parts of living in Chicago, NYC, London, and every other place that Rob has lived on stage as Carl Perkins. Rob's trajectory in show business is a crazy and lucky one and he shares all in this wonderful interview. Plus, SCOOP MAIL: Sine in Denmark reveals an Italian Air Show of a date story. Enjoy.

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Matt and Paul discuss how Jerry Ryan is solely responsible for Barack Obama being President.  Why should people lose of keep their job. Paul and Matt interview Matt's brother, Rob Donnelly (of and watch Matt get to know him for the first time in his life. Rob discusses his career as an animator and illustrator for, NBC News and others.  Also, they take a look back at Rob's time as a NYC bike Messenger. JOCK VS NERD: The boys finally discuss recently suspended vampire soccer player, Luis Suarez VS which Hollywood director openly wept visiting the set of the new Star Wars movie. SCOOP MAIL: Ben wants to trade one fantasy league access for another on ICS and Matt reveals Steve's new version of a fantasy league that incorporates the greats of the Jock and Nerd World. Carson writes in to share his experience coming out as an Atheist. Joel writes in with a jock story the blows Matt and Paul away. Matt I writes in asking about what could have been with the origin of ICS.

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Paul and Matt disect their recent radio appearance. Matt has an embarassing photo posted on twitter.  Matt further embarasses himself as an MC for an event by being a sloppy eater and awkwardly sharing his disgusting microphone with Olivia Newton John. Paul eats the most radio unfriendly foods on air. One of them contains hidden milk fat. Scoop Mail: Augie serves the boys a cup of shut the fuck up about the Vegas weather already. HugsRock takes the boys to task for preaching non-intervention. Jeff wants in to the ICSFFLSDS. Moxie wants to know how to get a job. Scott writes in with an amazing update about the naming of his child. Kevin wants Table Top tips. JOCK VS NERD: Lebron goes full Hollywood Hogan VS. Fudgey Numbers, the never to by trusted Hollywood Gross Cartoon.

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