Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

Matt and Paul bow out of the World Series of Comedy. Roast theory from Matt. Jacob and Matt cannot stop Paul from keeping a gross running joke. Matt calls in for a Sirius Fantasy Football show. 2 Broke Geeks (@2BGPod) send in this week's Jock Vs. Nerd questions. Scoop Mail returns to gently fuck the boys in the face.

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Paul has a beef with WWE. Matt's kid pranks him by walking. The return of state songs, Paul sings his own version of "Oh Comma Arkansas".  Jock Vs. Nerd: Ray Rice Jersey Exchange Vs What New Show Blows.  Scoop Mail: One painful Italian Air show story leaves all the guy on the ground in pain and laughter.

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Matt has a super shitty audition for some clown bullshit. PSS's Dustin Knouse has a bad day at work because of Matt. Improv group, Bearded Men, don't need AAA when they have the magic on improv in their pockets. The Pure BS Podcast (@pureBSpodcast) submits this week's Jock Vs Nerd.  SCOOP MAIL:What happened to State Songs, the boys don't know jack about hockey or Canada, a fancy t shirt idea, and Sergeant Scoop's flavor of the day.

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Matt cannot believe the exhaustion, carnage, and monetary cost of a one year old's birthday party. Joe and Steven stop by to plug TheWorldSeriesofComedy'.com Las Vegas Event. The even surprise Matt & Mattingly by offering them a position in this week's event. Steven makes a wonderful personal announcement and Joe looks back on 20 years in stand up. JOCK VS NERD: Microsoft buys a major video game franchise vs the daily shit buffet being offered by the NFL. 

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Matt and Paul talk fight songs in pro sports and fall in love with the San Diego Chargers song. Scott McGee talks about 20 years on the road, traveling by truck to small towns across the country and putting up fully cast children's shows in 5 days.  He talks about the highs and the lows of living in stranger's houses, how people have gotten fired from his job, and how people have almost died doing his job. Plus, there are certain towns that won't allow evolution or the portrayal of drinking alcohol attack Scott's sense of art. Also, Australian podcast supplies this week's JOCK VS NERD questions.

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Matt and Paul respond to numerous Scoops who took issue with a guest advocating "The Secret" and "The Power". Paul relives his walk out on Geek Shock. JOCK VS NERD: Which WWE star played professional baseball and what would a side line interview sound like if he were more successful. VS. Which Tom Cruise solo flick is looking to go franchise.  SCOOP MAIL, Italian Air Show or just a Mattingly, Athiest Holidays, New Scoops, escaping choke holds and the definition of Jury Rig.

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Paul Shortino knows everyone in Rock and gladly talks about it. From coming close but not quite making it big at 17 years old, to starting his own recording studio, recording with Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot, Badd Boyz, and being brought under the wing of Ronnie James Dio. Avoiding Phil Spector and almost avoiding the Law, Paul Shortino looks back on a life in Rock and Roll and how it brought him to Rock Vault here in Las Vegas. "This is Spinal Tap" cast him as Duke Fame. Plus, he tells some great stories about being held up at the Canadian Border, getting left in a ladies room, and entering a hotel lobby completely naked.

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Paul, in a firey defense of the Ice Bucket Challenge, walked out on the latest episode of Geek Shock and talks about the shame and pain of that to Matt and Jacob.  Matt has a Die Hard moment on the set of Director's Cut and scews up 6 shots at once.  Jock VS Nerd: Colts Owner, Jim Irsay gets treated differently by the law than the NFL for a trunk full of drugs VS an old 4 person fighter game returns anew for the PC.

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