Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

Matt and Mattingly have a photo shoot coming up and could use your help! Paul becomes obsessed with snake jokes. Why don't we all have locker room interviews? Scoop Mail: Showgirl in a cake callback, a shitty job, Marc's car accident, Mothra returns, Princess Leia park pics. Jock Vs Nerd: D'wanna know english vs. Canadian Hockey talk

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Kurt Cobain, scientist and dietitian, says fish have no feelings. Matt and Paul discuss old Thanksgiving traditions of inappropriate sandwiches and dealing with vegans. SCOOP MAIL: "Creamers", Australia, Sarah's Soft Hands, Matt's not cool, Improv Classes, and grossing out chefts. JOCK VS NERD: Who is Flag vs. How to pay for things when you are drunk.

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In this weeks episode Anonymous outs KKK members, more on the comedian outing Bill Cosby, and Paul outs the CHUDs. Matt's new comedy show "Alibi" has a few bumps in its test run, Princess Leia the Disney Princess, more cart puns and an embarrassing Neil Diamond story. SCOOP MAIL: Michael Jones/ Emily Scoop da Loop/ Spider-Flavored Scoop/ Simon/ Senior Scoopsis/ Scoopa Steve SCOOP JOCK VS NERDS by Scoopa Steve and Nathan Rae: Jesse Owens vs the Bat-Diamond, Judge Dredd vs U.K. Soccer Nickname nicknames.
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Winter is coming! Las Vegas buckles down fo 50 degree weather as Buffalo get buried in 6 feet of snow.  Matt and Paul discuss old snow day traditions which include the Tap Challenge, a dance contest, and epic game of RISK (aren't they all). Plus, you can pay Matt and Paul to dress up anywhere and they will take the gig. Jock Vs. Nerd: Forever Fan Podcast sends in a clip. Scoop Mail: Camp Songs, Oklahoma, Betty Scoop, E Games, Indiana Prejudice, and Scorpion TV.

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Matt wrote and directed an interactive show called "Alibi" ( that debuts this Saturday and runs every Saturday in Las Vegas. They discuss what its like to have a drunk audition for a show and how Jacob's wife was too hot for the show.  Matt and Paul explore Fatty Fashion and the 15th (or 50th?) anniversary of Fantasy.  Scoop Mail: more dick stuff, more forensics, Double D bath tub time, a Canadian's defense of Jessica Rabbit, and Comic Con-troversy.  Jock Vs. Nerd: Missed shots vs who is Dr. Strange.

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Matt returns from San Francisco like a cocaine cowboy. The return of Fatty Rabbit Hole: appetizer trios. Scoop Mail: Paul is inspired to submit a new state theme song for Virginia and the boys discuss their favorite handling on hecklers. Jock Vs Nerd: "Ivy League" QB vs Episode 7 Subtitle. 

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Absinthe's Penny Pibbets in studio! Co host of Vegas's hottest show, Penny stops by to talk about her abusive relationship with the Gazillionare and about her oncoming solo show. Through her kickstarter, she offers the full girlfriend experience for $5000 and that includes all the donuts you can bang. Plus, we have a combination Jock vs Nerd, Scoop Mail to pop quiz Matt and Paul. 

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Paul talks Life is Beautiful and he true grasp or Klingon. Matt travels east and sees a cab driver fail and takes in a couple of Broadway Shows. Plus, food trends with Harch Chili Peppers and Iraqi SNL Scoop Mail: Joe, Caleb, and a pants popping Italian Air Show. 

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