Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

SJ sits in with the boys as they take requests for listeners for different Halloween "guests" to stop by Ice Cream Social. It's a delirious late night recording as well. Jock vs nerd and scoop mail. 

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Paul gets a new toilet and Matt gets laid off. Paul takes a cooking class. Jacob and Matt's favorite teams square off this Sunday. Physical scoop mail and metaphysical scoop mail. Jock vs Nerd. Patreon songs. 

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Matt is watching Rachel Bloom's Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Paul is telling stories about his wife and she may or may not sound like the voice Paul uses for her. The boys address commuting from Vegas to San Francisco to work and when a psychic should be arrested. Paul Songs, Scoops Mail, and Jock Vs Nerd. 

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Penn Jillette publishes a letter that Donald Trump threatens to publish from Penn. Is SNL wrong for having Trump host? Paul ponders his life and death whenever he flies. The boys discover the best IMDB page. Matt reveals his first kiss. More songs, scoop mail and jock vs nerd.

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NASA JPL's Hui Ying Wen facetime's in to put to rest all of the boys' bullshit beliefs about Mars and the moon. Las Vegas Review Journal's Entertainment Reporter, Doug Elfman shares some amazing stories from his career as a journalist. Jock vs Nerd and some disgusting Scoop Mail.

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Paul believes there might be some sort of pumpkin patch controversy in Vegas and he delivers some new hits despite being on 3 hours of sleep.  ICS gets their facebook page reported and briefly shut down. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs. Nerd.

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Montclair State University is haunted. Which of the Neapolitan wants to go to Mars? Who got fired for farting? Patron tunes, scoop mail, Jock vs Nerd and fun facts. 

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Paul discusses Improv Goblet. Matt talks about flying with two kids. The first patreon song dedication session goes down. Scoop Mail with Raul and his lasting impressions. Jock Vs Nerd, athletes vs Star Trek. Also, Fun Facts!

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Scoop Cruise bank show Scoop Mail fest. Matt tells jokes: Matt's Godfather is not amused. Paul tells a joke: Matt is not amused. Matt calls back the joke: Jacob is not amused. Paul: is amused. Topics this Scoop Mail extravaganza include defending atheism, Tony Jaa, doughnut clubs, a non-starter drinking story, a very long joke, and another genital injury story. SONGS: "Get Off of My Lawn" / " Super Mario Proposal" APPEARANCES BY: Mermaid John Madden/ Paul Lynde SCOOP MAIL: Scoopa Fat Boy/ Dip Shirt Cone/ Jordan/ Marty McScoop/ Glen/ Scoop of Canadian Maple & Bacon/ Chicken Scoop for the Soul/ La Fringe Scoop/ Pooper Scooper Crazy Creamer/ Rum Riesenberg SCOOP JOCK VS NERD by 23 Travis: They Might be Giants Lyrics vs. The '86 World Series