Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

Meaculpas, scoop deadlines, a whole bunch of nonsense, plus scoop mail and jock vs nerd. 

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Paul and Jacob have seen Batman vs Superman. kidnapped Matt's little brother so we interview them on how they travel the world by sailboat and perform shows in the boat. Scoop Mail-another doozy and jock vs nerd. 

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Scoop Augie Carton send some delicious homemade beer to the church which leads to almost an hour long discussion of showering and hygiene. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd. 

This Easter Egg Bonus episode happened because of all the patreon support at the beginning of the month where we broke $4444.44 for the first time. Enjoy!

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Matt and Mattingly welcome famous Canadian sportscaster and podcaster, Nug, to ICS via Skype. The boys talk about death of Rob Ford, wrestling, diet, and our northern neoghbor's perception of the presidential election. Scoop mail and jock vs nerd. 

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First we fail at trying to not start off the show talking about the weather. Then we add another layer to our popular topless show pitch, Chapeau. Jock vs Nerd and Scoop Mail

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Happy St. Patrick's Day scoops. We have an exclusive interview with Sandy the Leprechaun. Scoop mail and jock vs nerd. Cheers!

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Our special NCAA tournament preview-kidding! Jerrod from subway's list of creepy things. Matt announces a show in LA at Nerdist on March 25. Jock vs nerd and scoop mail. 

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Thanks to all our patreon backers, especially Howard Jackson, we are releasing a surprise episode to kick off the work week. Speaking of surprises, Matt's old college roommate happens to be coming through Las Vegas on a road trip the night the boys were recording. He is the editor for all things Grace Helbig and other youtube stars, he was an true internet pioneer, but mostly he talks about his crazy past with Matt. Jock Vs. Nerd and tragic Scoop Mail.

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Trump, Skunks, jock vs nerd, scoop mail and why do you care... We try to be funny. Just take it in. 

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More Chuck E Cheese adventures and jock vs nerd and scoop mail!

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3 compelling figures from Las Vegas' Future Stars of Wrestling tear it up in the churn. We get the deal and the real deal for what's it's like in the independent corners professional wrestling. Plus Jock Vs Nerd and Scoop Mail. 

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We review the year's best films regardless of whether we've seen them. Matt sees Deadpool before Paul for some reason. Plus, Scoop Mail, and jock vs nerd. 

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