Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

More like a fatty rabbit sink hole breaks out in the middle. We check in with Paul about uploading songs to iTunes and Jacob about his prison rodeo days. Jock vs nerd and scoop Mail. Plus, we launch Flat Kidney project. Print out your flat kidney image from our Facebook or Twitter page and share adventure pics with flat kidney to cheer up recovering kidney cancer survivor Laura E. @flatkidney and #flatkidney. Have fun!

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winning doesn't come without its controversy. The boys are drunk with power! Plus scoop mail and jock vs nerd. 

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The boys welcome their new Australian friends into the church for a tasteful exploration of culture, politics, and relationships. scoop mail and jock vs nerd.  

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Show runner for the hilarious web hit cartoon White Ninja, Tyler Funk gives us a behind the scenes look on putting out 90 new episodes of White Ninja in 5 months. Matt takes his kids to the circus again and Paul reads a book. Jock vs Nerd and a Scoop Mail. 

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who is drinking Smirnoff Ice? Not matt. Jock vs nerd and scoop mail. P

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What does jersey boys closing mean for Matt future in Vegas. Scoop mail and jock vs nerd. 

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The super lovely, fun, and talented Vanessa Ray stops by to talk about working with Tom Selleck, Glenn Close, Ted Danson, Edie Falco and how she'd like to die in her fourth season on the CBS friday night drama. Plus scoop mail and jock vs nerd!

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All the nonsense that's fit to print. Scoop Mail and Jock versus Nerd. 

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Notorious vegas vocalist and sexy saxophonist, Sam Lemos talks about he debut solo project and upcoming Las Vegas outdoor concert while matt and Paul make porn jokes. 

Jock versus nerd and scoop mail happen as well. 

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Paul actually did the whole episode this time around. Plus, some nonsense and jock vs nerd and scoop mail. 

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While Paul slumbers with his comic books and dogs, Matt and Jacob answer a bunch a of scoop mail. Paul shows up after handling some telemarketers and then the tackle Jock Vs. Nerd.

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