Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

Glorious physical scoop mail commeth, Scoop fest progress, airwolf vs. chips, Penn and Jess Rowland slated for this week's Bucket Show, Matt's kid rocks out at Jersey Boys, Jock vs Nerd, Scoop Mail

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Nonsense. Scoop mail. Jock vs nerd. 

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Paul and Matt recount their 3 dark nights from when a crack head nearly stole their jobs. Jock vs Nerd. Scoop mail. 

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Grant (, @toasterboy) talks about meeting Kermit for the first time and plays triple threat with the boys. Scoop mail and jock vs nerd. 

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Matt gets embarrassed at performing at another weird Vegas gig. Paul brings down the house at Dave & Busters. Scoop mail and Jock vs Nerd. 

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Matt gets a car. Paul has a hot on his hands and we read reviews of Long Distance. Bunch of nonsense, jock vs nerd And scoop mail. 

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Absinthe is on the move. Recap of the latest episode of Fool Us. Tons of nonsense. Scoop mail and jock vs nerd

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50 shades restaged, carrot top vs Chris Angel, tales of brotherly love, jock vs nerd and scoop mail. 

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Paul had a hate crush. Matt's kid does his first commercial, the Bellagio and chuck e cheese have something in common, jock vs bed and scoop mail. 

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