Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

More churn nonsense. Dog and snake Halloween album available at Scoopmail and Jock Vs Nerd 

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Australian Circus School graduate Asher is here. Scoop Mail and Joc Vs Nerd. 

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We check the temperature on Ryer’s passion for tiki. Scoopmail and Jock Vs Nerd. 

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Paul gambles. Matt is offered coffee. Scoopmail and Jock Vs Nerd. 

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Recorded at Scoopfest Vegas 2018, comedian and magician Mac King stops by. Listener mail, Jock Vs Nerd Neapolitan Wife addition. 

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Paul gives Anne a nosebleed anniversary present. Mystery Truck food and Scoopmail. Plus jock Vs Nerd. 

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The boys launch operation “Super Satan”. Matt and Paul want to perform with you in Las Vegas. Paul hates drunks. Jacob finds himself dining with someone he suddenly doesn’t like very much. Jock Vs Nerd. Scoopmail

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Matt meets a crack head. Scoopfest features headliner Mikey Neumann who will be recording an episode where he is challenged to like a movie that scoops voted on. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd 

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Scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd. 

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