Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

The first submission for naming Matt's kid are considered. two scoops send in nes stories questioning their Italian Air Show-ness. During scoop mail, the boys tackle another "so drunk" story from a scoop.  Another scoop submits a Jock Vs. Nerd.

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Matt and Paul discuss their holidays. Matt talks about being on the Risk podcast, seeing the Penny Pibbets Show, and being called fat in a mall. Paul discusses the cold weather and reveals that his car has no heat. Scoop Mail and Scoop Jock Vs Nerd. 

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Hey Scoops.  This Holiday episode is full of Matt and Paul trying to fulfill all the holiday requests they could fit into a show before they fell asleep on Jacob's floor.  We hope this episode helps get you through you holiday travels.  Jock Vs. Nerd, Scoop Mail, a dating game with SJ as Mrs. Clause and the return of some of Paul's favorite characters as well as some new holiday characters are all featured here.  Happy Chris Bosh from all of us and we will be talking to you before the New Year is here.  Thanks Scoops, Ice Cream Socialists, Socialites, Psychopaths, and... Creamers.

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Paul talks about his upcoming appearance on Penn's Sunday School. Matt and Paul talk about dealing with "psychics" at work. How to deal with con artist, beggars, and grifters. Matt shares his favorite NYC story. Paul searches for ghost stories on youtube. Paul avoids going to a show with Matt. Paul's dog star in a photo shoot. ...holy balls this is a long episdode. Jock Vs Nerd and Scoop Mail.

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Ice Cream Social's Scoop Contest: Win an Ice Cream Cone! Jacob explains science. Paul is having a tough xmas season and it's not because of his lame family crest. Scoop Mail: Worse than a turd in the pool, Scoop Putin, James Brown, Cauliflower Alley. Jock Vs. Nerd: No S's vs Video Game Titan passes away.

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2 years of combined podcasting, bring you a terrible tale...

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Raul Faria from Bar Rescue stops by to talk drinks, fast food jobs, and Absolut. Scoopmail: drunken replays. jock vs nerd: dungeons and dragons vs sports. 

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JOCK VS NERD CUBED: 2 Casting Questions about the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, Umpire's filthy secrets, sports talk radio handles the St.Louis Rams protest, and a scoop writes in with Harry Potter and Roller Derby trivia.  SCOOP MAIL: Our sexiest or most uncomfortable exchange about our lives with our wives goes down at the end of this episode. Plus, we address the rise and fall of Will Smith.

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The new porn law in the UK sure thinks women are icky. Paul is old and falling apart. SCOOP MAIL: Dusty flushes a toilet on a hospital, improv comics and research scientists have a lot in common, atheists kids find religon, Jersey guys get fired, and roast advice.

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Matt and Mattingly have a photo shoot coming up and could use your help! Paul becomes obsessed with snake jokes. Why don't we all have locker room interviews? Scoop Mail: Showgirl in a cake callback, a shitty job, Marc's car accident, Mothra returns, Princess Leia park pics. Jock Vs Nerd: D'wanna know english vs. Canadian Hockey talk

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Kurt Cobain, scientist and dietitian, says fish have no feelings. Matt and Paul discuss old Thanksgiving traditions of inappropriate sandwiches and dealing with vegans. SCOOP MAIL: "Creamers", Australia, Sarah's Soft Hands, Matt's not cool, Improv Classes, and grossing out chefts. JOCK VS NERD: Who is Flag vs. How to pay for things when you are drunk.

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In this weeks episode Anonymous outs KKK members, more on the comedian outing Bill Cosby, and Paul outs the CHUDs. Matt's new comedy show "Alibi" has a few bumps in its test run, Princess Leia the Disney Princess, more cart puns and an embarrassing Neil Diamond story. SCOOP MAIL: Michael Jones/ Emily Scoop da Loop/ Spider-Flavored Scoop/ Simon/ Senior Scoopsis/ Scoopa Steve SCOOP JOCK VS NERDS by Scoopa Steve and Nathan Rae: Jesse Owens vs the Bat-Diamond, Judge Dredd vs U.K. Soccer Nickname nicknames.
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Winter is coming! Las Vegas buckles down fo 50 degree weather as Buffalo get buried in 6 feet of snow.  Matt and Paul discuss old snow day traditions which include the Tap Challenge, a dance contest, and epic game of RISK (aren't they all). Plus, you can pay Matt and Paul to dress up anywhere and they will take the gig. Jock Vs. Nerd: Forever Fan Podcast sends in a clip. Scoop Mail: Camp Songs, Oklahoma, Betty Scoop, E Games, Indiana Prejudice, and Scorpion TV.

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Matt wrote and directed an interactive show called "Alibi" ( that debuts this Saturday and runs every Saturday in Las Vegas. They discuss what its like to have a drunk audition for a show and how Jacob's wife was too hot for the show.  Matt and Paul explore Fatty Fashion and the 15th (or 50th?) anniversary of Fantasy.  Scoop Mail: more dick stuff, more forensics, Double D bath tub time, a Canadian's defense of Jessica Rabbit, and Comic Con-troversy.  Jock Vs. Nerd: Missed shots vs who is Dr. Strange.

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Matt returns from San Francisco like a cocaine cowboy. The return of Fatty Rabbit Hole: appetizer trios. Scoop Mail: Paul is inspired to submit a new state theme song for Virginia and the boys discuss their favorite handling on hecklers. Jock Vs Nerd: "Ivy League" QB vs Episode 7 Subtitle. 

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Absinthe's Penny Pibbets in studio! Co host of Vegas's hottest show, Penny stops by to talk about her abusive relationship with the Gazillionare and about her oncoming solo show. Through her kickstarter, she offers the full girlfriend experience for $5000 and that includes all the donuts you can bang. Plus, we have a combination Jock vs Nerd, Scoop Mail to pop quiz Matt and Paul. 

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Paul talks Life is Beautiful and he true grasp or Klingon. Matt travels east and sees a cab driver fail and takes in a couple of Broadway Shows. Plus, food trends with Harch Chili Peppers and Iraqi SNL Scoop Mail: Joe, Caleb, and a pants popping Italian Air Show. 

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Dr Frankenstein and his creature stop by. Halloween themed scoop mail, spooky future dating game, and double jock vs nerd from The Bearded Ones and In The Loop podcasts. 

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hey Scoops, Matt here. I pimp Paul 2 or 3 times to rap and sing.  There is a Mark Twain rap and another state song that we believe is telling you about a murder. We are probably wrong. There is some scoop mail and a jock vs nerd and also Paul stops the show from ending like 3 or 4 times. Enjoy!

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Linq Wizard, Jon Gray let us into his big fancy pants office on the strip for our best behind the scenes look at the Las Vegas we-never-knew-about interview. How did this local from Tonopah work his way up the Vegas food chain so quickly? What is it like to change the Vegas skyline with the High Roller? How polite can you be to Paul when he proposes a terrible idea for a night club? All answers here and more. From Bally's front desk, to working as the right hand man to George Maloof in The Palms hey day, to becoming a high rolling big wig for Caesars, Jon Gray knows how Vegas works like no one else.

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Jacob is a hard ass to cops in Missouri. Matt listens in on a Hooter's managers summit. Paul tells Matt about his cashier karma. Richmond, Kentucky's fiction dog mayor, Ruff Barkington speaks. Plus, SCOOP MAIL and JOCK VS NERD.

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Public Speaking gig and fears get tackled as The Life is Beautiful Speaker Series curator, Lisa Shufro stops by to reveal the amazing line up and speakers like Penn & Teller, Pussy Riot, 3-D human tissue printers and language inventors. From Iowa, to concert violinist to Ted Med, to think tank, to Vegas, Lisa leaps and figures out how to fly on the way down.  Also Million Dollar Quartet, Twilight singer Felice Garcia, stops by to debut her new solo album. From her Reno roots to booking dozens of shows in Vegas, Felice lets her versatility shine as she chats it up with Matt and Mattingly.

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Paul teaches Matt how to speak hawaiian for a mixed company Descendants viewing party. Scoop Mail: Dangerous sex with love, our podcast is bad for parking, Paul's collection of WWE figures, and revisiting "gangbanger". JOCK VS NERD: FSU's QB rap sheet VS. new chick comedy trilogy.

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A filthy high school harpsichordist is not getting his deposit back. When Matt watchesShawshank Redemption, Paul watches Transformers. Matt recalls a fraternity debate of going gay vs. banging a buffalo. Revisiting Indecent Proposal, the NBA's lack of nicknames, and state song debate. Scoop Mail: Worst nose hair removal story ever. Jock Vs. Nerd: Teenage Mutant Comic Creators Vs. Paul's favorite NBA Executive shoplifter.

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All we know about this show is it was recorded at 4am some night in July.  We think Paul bashes his face with his own microphone and nearly knocks himself out.  But we could be wrong. Listen at your own risk.

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Night of a thousand bits: Matt discusses wrap party for Director's Cut. Clint from Geek Dig challenges the boys in Jock Vs. Nerd and more Scoop Mail

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Matt finds out eveyone he works for has been fired and he may not have a job. Paul tells a very vunerable dry hump story. JOCK VS NERD: Can't a guy retire to some inflated stories vs. which 80 movie is getting a really late look at a third. SCOOP MAIL: ML makes his first appearance as ombudsman. Hugsrock writes back to clear up some details on our most painfully famous scoop mail ever.

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Matt and Paul bow out of the World Series of Comedy. Roast theory from Matt. Jacob and Matt cannot stop Paul from keeping a gross running joke. Matt calls in for a Sirius Fantasy Football show. 2 Broke Geeks (@2BGPod) send in this week's Jock Vs. Nerd questions. Scoop Mail returns to gently fuck the boys in the face.

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Paul has a beef with WWE. Matt's kid pranks him by walking. The return of state songs, Paul sings his own version of "Oh Comma Arkansas".  Jock Vs. Nerd: Ray Rice Jersey Exchange Vs What New Show Blows.  Scoop Mail: One painful Italian Air show story leaves all the guy on the ground in pain and laughter.

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Matt has a super shitty audition for some clown bullshit. PSS's Dustin Knouse has a bad day at work because of Matt. Improv group, Bearded Men, don't need AAA when they have the magic on improv in their pockets. The Pure BS Podcast (@pureBSpodcast) submits this week's Jock Vs Nerd.  SCOOP MAIL:What happened to State Songs, the boys don't know jack about hockey or Canada, a fancy t shirt idea, and Sergeant Scoop's flavor of the day.

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Matt cannot believe the exhaustion, carnage, and monetary cost of a one year old's birthday party. Joe and Steven stop by to plug TheWorldSeriesofComedy'.com Las Vegas Event. The even surprise Matt & Mattingly by offering them a position in this week's event. Steven makes a wonderful personal announcement and Joe looks back on 20 years in stand up. JOCK VS NERD: Microsoft buys a major video game franchise vs the daily shit buffet being offered by the NFL. 

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Matt and Paul talk fight songs in pro sports and fall in love with the San Diego Chargers song. Scott McGee talks about 20 years on the road, traveling by truck to small towns across the country and putting up fully cast children's shows in 5 days.  He talks about the highs and the lows of living in stranger's houses, how people have gotten fired from his job, and how people have almost died doing his job. Plus, there are certain towns that won't allow evolution or the portrayal of drinking alcohol attack Scott's sense of art. Also, Australian podcast supplies this week's JOCK VS NERD questions.

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Matt and Paul respond to numerous Scoops who took issue with a guest advocating "The Secret" and "The Power". Paul relives his walk out on Geek Shock. JOCK VS NERD: Which WWE star played professional baseball and what would a side line interview sound like if he were more successful. VS. Which Tom Cruise solo flick is looking to go franchise.  SCOOP MAIL, Italian Air Show or just a Mattingly, Athiest Holidays, New Scoops, escaping choke holds and the definition of Jury Rig.

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Paul Shortino knows everyone in Rock and gladly talks about it. From coming close but not quite making it big at 17 years old, to starting his own recording studio, recording with Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot, Badd Boyz, and being brought under the wing of Ronnie James Dio. Avoiding Phil Spector and almost avoiding the Law, Paul Shortino looks back on a life in Rock and Roll and how it brought him to Rock Vault here in Las Vegas. "This is Spinal Tap" cast him as Duke Fame. Plus, he tells some great stories about being held up at the Canadian Border, getting left in a ladies room, and entering a hotel lobby completely naked.

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Paul, in a firey defense of the Ice Bucket Challenge, walked out on the latest episode of Geek Shock and talks about the shame and pain of that to Matt and Jacob.  Matt has a Die Hard moment on the set of Director's Cut and scews up 6 shots at once.  Jock VS Nerd: Colts Owner, Jim Irsay gets treated differently by the law than the NFL for a trunk full of drugs VS an old 4 person fighter game returns anew for the PC.

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Matt shares another Fatty Rabbit Hole Story where car trips are measured in hot dogs. Paul surprises the gang with both his food in car policy and his video game playing time average. Throw Back Thursday throws Matt for a loop. Penn Jillette's Director's Cut movie taps one ICS host to play a cool role. Plus, what do Duran Duran, Smashing Pumkins, and The Police have in common? Scoop Mail: Legit Ice Cream Questions, Raising your children Athiest, and a shitty job. Jock Vs Nerd: Paul's newest nerd nonsense VS sexist soccer talk.

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Pillar of the Las Vegas Press Community, John Katsilometes aka Johnny Kats, tells some great stories from his fascinating career as a reporter in Las Vegas.  From his humble beginnings in Northern California, to his early Las Vegas days covering UNLV basketball, to his dream story of visiting "Muckers" in Tonopah, NV, The "Kats with Dish" host tolerates Matt and Paul as he reflects on some great Las Vegas stories. Whether it's Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Al Pacino or the latest in local lawsuits, Johnny Kats takes it all on... except for reviewing DJ's at EDC. Most importantly, John does a spot on Robin Leach. JOCK VS NERD: Marvel's release of a way to sexy lady hero VS. Lebron's new heart warming teammate.

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Summary: You're guess is as good as mine.  This is a bank.  We had a big spike in listenership and as a thank you, we are releasing a 3rd episode this week. Enjoy!

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Last Comic Standing ends and JB Smoov goes out with bang. Paul and Matt talk stand up styles and techniques. Matt is invited to dinner with Lisa Lampanelli and Emily Jillette. Paul solicits compliments for Geek Shock. Matt is surprised by Paul's massage experiences. Matt gets his last massage by a man. Jacob introduces the concept of groom's cake to the boys. SCOOPMAIL: Generation 16 question for Paul. Sine writes in the best scoop mail ever as she asks Europeans what they think fantasy football is. JOCK VS NERD: College Football Curveball VS. New Star Wars Bullshit.

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Maren Wade's Italian Air Show.  Maren dreamed of popping out of cake and then the gig finally happened and it quickly turns into a nightmare.  Maren talks about working with Terry Bradshaw. Matt talks about an upcoming Matt and Paul break the news to Jacob about the success of Mega Scoop Mail.

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Look. We were behind on Scoop Mail so we tear thru a bunch as we introduce the world to Jihad Improv, giving wedding proposal suggestions, crowd fund ridiculous movies, and try to jinx one another for blow jobs. Plus, Dinner with Robocop. JOCK VS NERD: a popular Star Wars character makes a surprising return to the new movie VS NASCAR's lack of power over their athletes. 

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The boys scrap their lineup and just reflect on the loss of Robin Williams.  Plus a little sccop mail: Tony Longworth, UK Music Bitch, recalls a time he was stuck working for a psychic.

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Matt's former college roomate and former twin, actor Marc Donovan site down with Matt and Paul.  Marc discusses Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire, his costume fitting, and his final scene where he gets beat to death.  Matt and Paul debate the merits of Sprouts and why anyone shops there.  Jock VS Nerd:

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Jacob's luscious locks are the real winner of Best of Vegas.  Upon winning, Jacob take a week of ICS. Paul and Matt welcome back Reddi Rich, debate the new definition of "literally", talk about why women love Sprouts, go over rules for interrupting a friend's lunch conversation. JOCK VS NERD: John Bon Jovi writes a letter VS How gross is Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Amir discusses life in Iran during political upheaval, the arrest of his father, and growing up in a family of wrestlers.  Whether it's body building, mixed martial arts, or semi professional football, Amir can't stop getting pro offers. Amir adjusts to life in America, sets his plan for the summer Olympics in Brazil, and perhaps a life in the WWE. He discusses his insane youtube videos and forgets his Instagram Account. (AMIRFILA99) JOCK VS NERD: Sale of the Clippers Court Battle VS DVD Release of the 60's Batman TV Shows.

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Ice Cream Social wins "Best Local Podcast" from Vegas Seven Magazine. Matt has a frustrating experience at a new fancy Mexican Restaurant. Matt and Paul want to launch Titty Show.  MAtt's first BJ happened at a James Bond Party. JOCK VS NERD: NFL players suspensions vs. premature sequaling of Gaurdians of Galaxy. Plus, Scoop Mail Extravaganza!

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Matt recalls when his show was used for an engagement in the Edinburgh Fringe Fest. He also tells his engagement story. Jacob and Paul have very different stories. Plus, Paul reveals one if his own shitty jobs where he skinned was changed sparkly purple in a chemical accident. The boys address weight loss successes and failures. MEGA SCOOP MAIL: Paul and Matt address many listener emails. JOCK VS NERD Rory's Dad cashes in VS Paul's latest bullshit. 

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Kasey briefly discusses the closing of Vegas Nocturne at Rose Rabbit Lie in the Cosmopolitan, the weird ass rip off show that immediately replaced it, and her odd plan for dealing with unemployment that involves canned goods. Plus, if Robin Leach were a cleptomaniac, how would it effect Las Vegas. JOCK VS NERD: Dwayne the Rock Johnson enters the DC universe and Tony Dungy hates them gays. 

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An Anonymous Scoop Schools Paul and Matt on Trans Gender and Transvestite Respect. Paul hedges a bit on moon landing conspiracy. Paul might hate Lebron James more than Matt does now, the boys are still bafffled by Michael Jordan's Hitler Stash, and old Atari compatable porn games gets revealed.  JOCK VS NERD: Marv Albert's back biting past vs Vegas's latest nerd fest.

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Matt and Paul get Snoped on their DPH story. The boys welcome Houston, TX Improv Comic, Amy Birkhead into the studio. The three talk compare improv cities, talk teaching, and look back on her first job as a small town newspaper reporter.  Amy debates moving to NYC vs LA vs Austin, TX.  Matt and Paul debate whether Las Vegas has any museums.  JOCK VS. NERD: Starting Shortstop for the American League VS. What nerd fest tournament took place in Las Vegas over the weekend?

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Paul's Dog Is Dead, Jacob Is Fired, Matt Is Sick. Ice Cream Social Under Attack. Matt rides the new High Roller is Vegas to get a bird's eye view of Vegas's secret Swastika. Plus, the DPH story- We hope you are not eating anything. Cards against humanity steps in (BLANK). Some comedians are fighting back against being asked to apologize. Many questions answered in SCOOP MAIL. JOCK VS NERD: Something happened somewhere on the internet VS. Which member of Miami Thrice is being temped to jump ship and which other member might be totally okay with it.

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Seattle native, Rob Lyons, talks about the strange path he took from Guitar Store clerk to Broadway and the cities in between. Rob grew up in epicenter of the Grunge and played with Seattle legends, then with Million Dollar Quartet met new/old influences for his own music. Also, Rob brought a guitar into our studio (an ICS first) and plays a little acoustic version of his debut album "When It Haunts You".  Paul and Matt grill him on his favorite and least favorite parts of living in Chicago, NYC, London, and every other place that Rob has lived on stage as Carl Perkins. Rob's trajectory in show business is a crazy and lucky one and he shares all in this wonderful interview. Plus, SCOOP MAIL: Sine in Denmark reveals an Italian Air Show of a date story. Enjoy.

Direct download: 7-8-14201st20show.mp3
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Matt and Paul discuss how Jerry Ryan is solely responsible for Barack Obama being President.  Why should people lose of keep their job. Paul and Matt interview Matt's brother, Rob Donnelly (of and watch Matt get to know him for the first time in his life. Rob discusses his career as an animator and illustrator for, NBC News and others.  Also, they take a look back at Rob's time as a NYC bike Messenger. JOCK VS NERD: The boys finally discuss recently suspended vampire soccer player, Luis Suarez VS which Hollywood director openly wept visiting the set of the new Star Wars movie. SCOOP MAIL: Ben wants to trade one fantasy league access for another on ICS and Matt reveals Steve's new version of a fantasy league that incorporates the greats of the Jock and Nerd World. Carson writes in to share his experience coming out as an Atheist. Joel writes in with a jock story the blows Matt and Paul away. Matt I writes in asking about what could have been with the origin of ICS.

Direct download: 7-1-14202nd20show.mp3
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Paul and Matt disect their recent radio appearance. Matt has an embarassing photo posted on twitter.  Matt further embarasses himself as an MC for an event by being a sloppy eater and awkwardly sharing his disgusting microphone with Olivia Newton John. Paul eats the most radio unfriendly foods on air. One of them contains hidden milk fat. Scoop Mail: Augie serves the boys a cup of shut the fuck up about the Vegas weather already. HugsRock takes the boys to task for preaching non-intervention. Jeff wants in to the ICSFFLSDS. Moxie wants to know how to get a job. Scott writes in with an amazing update about the naming of his child. Kevin wants Table Top tips. JOCK VS NERD: Lebron goes full Hollywood Hogan VS. Fudgey Numbers, the never to by trusted Hollywood Gross Cartoon.

Direct download: 7-1-14201st20show.mp3
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Matt and Paul interview Ms. Palsha about her start in Vegas, her journey from Jubilee Dancer to Vegas headliner in Vegas: the Show.  She addresses the trials and politics and making a living as a dancer from Go Go, Jubilee, Bite, Fantasy, and Peep Show. From the decision to dance topless, to the need to audition for a major show in secret, to facing physical sabotage and hurtful harassment, Tara reflects on a hard fought career and the major decision to leave it all behind for a shot at Broadway in NYC.  Daughter of and opera singer, she addresses the pressure of trying to sing as a career later in life.  Also in the is episode, Paul can add or multiply. Audio Guy, Jacob confeeses to making a living of Tara's boobs for over five years. Scoop Mail: Jakob questions the boys about art snobbery. Manuel asks about choosing a career in comedy versus economics.

Direct download: 6-24-14202nd20show.mp3
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EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) closes it's drugged out doors after another successful year in Las Vegas. The stories and heroes are created from this festival for the soul purpose of annoying Matt and Paul. Paul shoves his Kentucky hand in Matt's dirty Jersey face over state anthems. Matt reveals the sweetest revenge he ever took on San Diego hipsters who were hating on Bon Jovi. Also, is Book of Mormon the most important musical ever? JOCK VS. NERD: Michael Sam's super sexy hashtag Vs. G. I. Secret Satan. MEGA SCOOP MAIL: Chris follows up up on female coaches for men's sports by teaching the boys about "Grandma" Peters. SactoMonkey wants to know if we can put a stop to Terry Fator. Moxie wants to talk harder jobs, actors and musicians. Nic sends a figgity fuck you to Jacob. Steven proposes and Ice Cream Social Fantasy Football League. Lukas has a covert way to market ICS.  Finally, Scoop Dogg, writes in with our deepest scoop mail yet- How to deal with being an atheist in a very religious household.

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Paul's bargains with his wife over their TV programs and he pays a dear dear price.  Matt's boy Monroe Martin is still in the game at Last Comic Standing despite J.B. Smoov's attempt to torpedo the show's success by refusing to speak english when he hosts. Paul would rather someone kill his family than be told that "American Hustle" is a good movie. Matt's wife accidentally open's up for Nancy Pelosi of a women equality event. Scoop Mail: Nic sends in some good tunes, backhanded compliments, and advanced apologies. Drew takes our shitty job request literally. Mike sends in another haiku. Moxie has an audio question for Jacob. Lord Tristan corrects Paul on Evangalion. Andy is further tortured by the lack of video with ICS's good looking guests. Paul answers to his shady past with Billy Joel. Horse Detective is on twitter and ready to solve crime. Jock Vs. Nerd: Spurs total ass whooping of the Heat Vs. Seth Rogen's take on Nintendo and Sega.

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First things first, we figure out exactly what occupation the lovely Dayna Roselli has. She looks back on rising through the local ranks of TV News and what brought her from New York State to Sin City via helicopter. Also, Gilbert Gottfried got Dayna to say something filthy on the 6am news. Dayna dishes on her worst celebrity interview. We try to get her to talk smack about any Vegas personality she has interviewed.  She confesses to toeing the line between flirtation and journalism with a hot guest, her hatred of Anchor Man, and how her helicopter pilot abused his job so he could be an HOA rat for his neighborhood. Dayna and Matt attended a special screening of Jersey Boys the movie.  Jock Vs. Nerd: Star Wars Stoner Curse Vs. US-HEY, Who plays for us in soccer?

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Stars of History Channel's hit show "American Restoration", Rick And Kelly Dale welcome Matt and Paul to their shop to record Ice Cream Social on the site of the show and business. Rick talks about what it was like to work in restoration for 25 years before getting a TV Show, his fortunate start on Pawn Stars, and what is dream restoration would be. Kelly talks about how they met, what Rick needed in his business that she provides, and her own experience being introduced to the restoration world after being a bartender.  The two discuss bringing family into your business, traveling as "celebrities" around the world, and why Americans or more shy and don't just grabbed people's butts.  Jock Vs. Nerd: 30 Year Anniversary cult classic comedy Vs. Just what does Donald Sterling want in the sale of the Clippers.

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Matt and Paul discuss Last Comic Standing's Monroe Martin, Tracy Morgan, and women's roles in Orange is the New Black. (No spoilers) Plus, one good reason to try dumpster diving in LA, what a unicorn horn is called, and Paul's second novel "Pasted in the Body" is discovered.

Jock Vs. Nerd: Andy Murray's kooky coaching choice vs. The Video Game that never was or wil be.

Sccop Mail: Dustin thanks Paul for defending Bronies. Stephen writes a couple of poems for Paul and Matt. asks the boys which video game they would live in. Nic is impatient and wants to send the guys stuff, but can't! Joel appreciates Matt's name dropping and asks the boys which video game they would live in. Travis corrects the boys about the supposed death of Segway Founder. Scoopette E talks about her crappy job working at a salmon factory.

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The tremendously funny and lovely Kasey Wilson sits in with Matt and Paul and discusses her version of "Antiquing" in Las Vegas.  Paul and Kasey compare My Little Pony collections. Kasey slams Matt with facts about the tensions between Northern and Southern Californians.  Would we tolerate Billy Bob Thorton if he wasn't famous?  The trio discuss their very first roles they were cast in as children.  Kasey reveals her history of stand up, improv, and burlesque.  She also talks about the very crazy creation process of Vegas Nocturne at Rose Rabbit Lie in the Cosmopolitan. Plus, Paul loves Peaches, someone is fisting jars of jelly, and everyone is still pissed about the last season of Lost. Jock Vs. Nerd: California Chrome's owner's new basketball hustle Vs. The new PS4 TV show about detecting super powers that somehow does now involve horses.

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The very lovely and extremely talented Kristen Hertzenberg stops by to chat about her childhood ambition for singing Opera, dropping that dream for musical theater, and taking "Acting for Opera Singers" as an actual class, for real, in college. Matt and Kristen reveal the secret world of "8 count" parties. Paul invents Karoa-opera, and explores a world where we outlaw pasta. Matt and Kristen debate the plot and morality of The Phantom of the Opera.  Is the Phantom a date rapist? Can there be theater in Florida without the crinkling of candy wrappers? Why is Matt the only person who knows why all three in the studio played Right Field as baseball players in school?

Scoop Mail: SactoMonkey calls out Paul for baseball "rehearsal". Jeff takes sports breaks at work. Kevin's bad job was as a soldier, where in remote areas, stirring flaming drums of burning poop. He also asks Paul about David Goyer's She Hulk comments. Sine in Denmark doubles down on asking vague questions.

Jock Vs. Nerd: Clippers New Ballm'ing Owner Vs.12 Years a Star Wars cast member.

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Vegas is the club capital on the world. Can it come to a screeching hault with the loss of a thumb drive? Should someone who loses said thumb drive get paid $15 million dollars.  Also, Matt struggles to get Paul's attention as he explains Sabermetric statistics in sports. Matt deals with an anti-vaccine facebook friend, Paul gets threatened driving down Las Vegas Blvd, and Matt begs people to stop saying the Pope and President are posing for "selfies".  Plus, Maya Angelou laps dances, Jupiter is in the Money House, and Lottery Ticket stores.

Scoop Mail: Scoop John B digs Blue Bell ice cream, Chrisy wants Scoop Con to happen, Lori wants to know the origin of the Ice Cream Social, Oli from the UK want to know Paul's take on competitive (video) gaming

Jock Vs. Nerd: Matt dares Paul to tell him anything at all about the Stanley Cup Finals Vs. Paul dreads a certain shallow Hollywood mogul getting his hand on Paul's favorite Jap-Anime of all time.

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Being married to Jacob the audio guy is a horror no one would wish on their worst enemy.  Yet, somehow Sarah Jessica Rhodes still works and dreams and manages to get out of bed every day.  Plus, she tours with Terry Bradshaw's show as a singer and dancer, performs in Rock Vault at LVH in Las Vegas and has been hired to pay tribute as Lady Gaga, Miley Cirus, and most recently Taylor Swift. We talk about what it takes to keep working in Vegas, a whole lot about the WWE for some reason, growing up in east Texas, and experiencing an absolutely terrible night as a go go dancer.  Scoop Mail: Sacto Monkey talks about his worst job at a pizza place and Moxie Fox gets some personal advice about dealing with an Ex.

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Everything is melting around Matt and Paul as Las Vegas hits triple digit temperatures.  Paul and Matt take on Nascar and other local driving challenges.  Matt is a real jerk twice in two weeks and is lucky to be alive.  Paul's only fight in life ends in a way that makes him the nerd we all now know and love.  Matt breaks down the 3 games anyone should play to get through a baseball game they don't care about.  Plus, what panel is missing from every Batman comic? Scoop Mail: Greg breaks down Ice Cream Social's early hits and Stephen needs 5 pieces of advice from two tubby lumberjacks.  Jock Vs. Nerd: Dodger Catcher's really funny injury Vs. A famous toy mogul kicks the bucket.

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"A huge dripping wet scoop" is how Graham Fenton describes himself.  A quick recap of of The Ice Cream Social logo saga kicks off the interview.  We play a sample of A Million Pieces' hit single "Take It Or Leave It" and get into the histroy of the band, Graham's song writing method's, and how Graham was discovered singing in a Los Angeles pizza place. Fenton also addresses growing in southern New Jersey and how he was raised without religon. Also, Paul also busts out his best inner Springsteen.  Jock Vs Nerd: Google's purchase of a video game channel Vs Lebron James, still a huge A-hole.

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Were Henry Ford and Walt Disney antisemitic? What would happen if the walked in to a bar? Matt talks a little bit about his time as a house keeper in the virgin island and being divorcee man bait. Paul and Matt still buy CDs like knuckle dragging cavemen.  Also: the history of Nintendo, meaning of its name, and which host looks more like Fred Flintstone?  Matt's car breaks down in the middle of the desert and he may or may not be able to get help.  Scoop Mail: Matt and Paul get their first offer for a personal podcast and it includes bronies, gladiators, and old fries. The boys are challenged to a few tough either/or questions that involve meat and beards. Plus, Matt has a scoop take over his fantasy baseball team. Jock Vs. Nerd: Can you remember what an XMT athlete is? Vs. Paul discusses his man crush of John Carmack yet again.

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President of Voodoo Puppy Games, Seth Chaffee talks about Paul's favorite figure in Virtual Reality, John Carmack. Also, discussed: How is current independent game development similar to show business and even more importantly, when we will have virtual porn? Matt hates another stupid Facebook meme.  Paul and Matt debate which virtual game they'd rather see first: Jay-Z Surprise Rap Attack or The Penis Cake Bakery. Seth reveals his virtual reality demo where you get to fly you to the greatest place in the world. Scoop Mail: Did we really piss off our last guest, Benedikt? What is Derby Cake? Jock Vs. Nerd: Former Giant player's drunken taser battle with cops Vs. Paul's problem with latest Marvel movie casting.

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Paul and Matt dissect all the levels of bigotry surrounding the St Louis Rams 7th round draft pick, the openly gay Michael Sam and the kiss that kicked the hornets nest of ignorant dipshits. Plus, Paul may or may not have a mom jeans fetish.  Matt sees Mike Birbiglia perform for the first time in ten years and is blown away.  Ingrid Michaelson rocks House of Blues, but surprisingly cracks everyone up too.  Matt looks back on his first crappy waiter job.  Matt and Paul launch a new improv show in Las Vegas. Scoop Mail: How did Matt and Paul meet? Did someone come up for a better listener name than scoop? The exposing of the original top secret Pie Day Friday. Jock Vs. Nerd: The death of geek culture titan Vs. Seriously, should we allow gay guys to kiss each other?

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Robot Chicken writer and YouTube "Millionaire", Rachel Bloom chats with Matt and Paul and her latest live shows and upcoming TV projects. Plus, the trio reflects on their midnight run the Las Vegas strip club, Sapphire for steak and eggs. Rachel talks about her start in New York and the inspiration for her first internet hit "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury". Plus, the importance of Sci-Fi in sketch comedy, Robot Chicken job interview, the real reason we blink every 30 seconds, and Paul's role in Star Trek weddings.  Rachel reveals her path from being brought up Jewish to Atheism. Jock Vs. Nerd: Bad Boys documentary Vs. How Heisenberg helps Star Trek.


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From Cirque Du Soliel's "O" and creator of the 12:30 Clown Show, Benedikt Negro sits down to talk about his small town German Roots, American's obsession with Nazi's, and his awkward moment working with James Cameron.  Matt and Paul debate what applying for mime school might be like. Benedikt breaks down Marcel Marceau and whether he feels the need to defend Cirque or being a mime. (No, Yes) Jock Vs. Nerd: Time Traveling Doctor will be back Vs. War Hero Defensive Lineman. Special Nerd Double Down! Jock Nerd Merger news- You'll need vitamins, prayers and training to understand it.

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Who's up for a backdoor dirty derby cake party!? Paul reflects on his crazy Christmas Eve hiring at the job of his life. Piggy backing holidays: May-the-4th-Be-With-You sits on Cinco De Mayo's shoulders. Paul and Matt debate the merits of being a Parrot Head and starting a "Nice Tits" podcast. Plus, we premiere our first installment of Scoop Mail! Can we get it to Two-Peat? Jock Vs. Nerd: 6 Million Dollar Horseshit Vs Episode 7's Shit Title.

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Vegas Improviser/Sex Shop Manager Kim Faubel talks about Juggalo Miracles and life slinging sex toys

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Paul educates and defends Juggalo culture to Matt.  Paul nicknames our listeners. Matt owes someone a sincere handy. Why is Sarah Palin closer to William Shatner than Fred Phelps and why don't Matt and Paul want to make fun religious accidental deaths? Answer-Miracles! Jock Vs. Nerd: Rich racist skirt chasing Donald Sterling VS Atari dumpster chasing treasure trash, ET.

Do want dating advice from two tubby lumberjacks who married up? Email us right from our new homepage at

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Dr. Cease and Prof. Desist teach Matt and Paul a very valuable lesson about allegedly photo-shopping your heads on what may or may not be cows. Plus, Paul's 2 rules for surviving the apocalypse- not how to, but whether to! Matt and bacon are one and the same. Paul defends his love of John Mayer.  The infamous mailing of Cecil and Nathan Fartz and Hot girls’ one test to determine their true hotness.


On a serious note: Matt addresses an atheist/agnostic friend's grieving for the loss of his partner and an amazing thought he shared about handling his ordeal.


Jock Vs. Nerd: 25th Anniversary of a game console vs 113th Anniversary of this pitcher's first win.


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Episode 011: World Series of Comedy Host Steven Roberts: Interview

Gay man with straight son, Steven Roberts stops by to plug World Series of Comedy, get his balls busted for his complicated twitter handle, and talks about the strange arrangement that made him a gay dad.  Paul and Matt discuss solutions for performing on cruise ships, the difficulties of stand up vs improv, and Niche's Publishing. Jock Vs. Nerd: Biblical Defensive Player of the Year Vs. MST3000 Return

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Stephen Colbert challenges as new host of Late Show as told by Eric Jeffers who rejoins Mattingly and Matt in studio.  Just how much crack is smoked by "celebrity impersonators" in Las Vegas. Paul talks some blood moon bullshit.  Paul and Matt nearly murder each other talking Springsteen Vs Guided by Voices. Jock Vs Nerd: Black baseball player numbers and the false return of Firefly.

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Matt got hired for a very strange prank and you can too! Paul discusses spoiler alerts fro Games of Thrones and does not discuss Game of Thrones and doesn't need spoiler alert. Matt And Paul discuss preferred gender of offspring.  NAME DROPS: Matt saw Wayne Brady's improv show at the Mirage and met him backstage. Paul looks back at performing with Jason Sudeikis. Jock Vs Nerd: Pro Football player spent "4 years a slave"? Vs. He Man Movie!

EDITOR NOTE: This show closes with a news item that was an April's fool's that fooled both Paul and Matt.  Unfortunately, Ban Affleck is still Batman.

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Paul and Matt lay into Eric Jeffers for being the dirty Cirque Clown he is.  "MimeSpace" is a gold mine for mime social networking! How is Nathan Fillion responsible for Matt being stuck in show business? Paul drops out of college in Kentucky. Jock Vs. Nerd: Tiger Woods splintering hopes of catching Jack Nicklaus Vs. The possibility of a Battle Star Galactica Movie. 

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Matt & Paul gets 5 star reviews on iTunes and they didn't write them! The boys discuss torturing their childhood toys.  Does American Pie hold up, do people fuck pies and what pie would people fuck if they did. Paul rewrites showgirl show Jubilee. Maya Angelou can save Mel Gibson.  Jock Vs Nerd: NFL Cheerleaders Financial Planning Vs. Undertakers Undertaking at Wrestlemania.

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Live from an empty theater, where anything can be used as a weapon, Matt and Paul take on America's Got Talent season 7 quarter finalist Eric Dittleman. They discuss his background as a magician/mentalist, his transition into improv and a little bit of Pee Wee Herman. Get a behind the scenes look around AGT and Eric's dating history. JOCK VS NERD: NBA tanking vs. 80's video game symbols.

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In this episode the guys discuss all things prostitution, from Amsterdam to legal and illegal prostitution in Nevada, and a missing watch.  Paul has a surprisingly emotional attachment to an animatronic band, and Matt is "almost" as cool as LARPers.  JOCK VS NERD: What sports story leads to the call to #CancelColbert vs. old school pinball and video games.  ICS HISTORY: Jacob the Audio Guy's 1st episode.

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In this weeks episode Matt explains a slang term from his group of college buddies, an Italian Air Show.  Paul discusses the differences between the Veronica Mars movie and Indian Jones the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and modifying his cars.  Also Atheist bingo and how the two hosts interact with police while being pulled over.  APPEARANCES BY:  Officer John Bunnell/ Cypress Hill/ Paul Lynde JOCK VS NERD: NY Jets free agent signing vs an 80's cartoon live action movie.

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Fresh off performing the Neutrino Video Project, Matt and Paul discuss their childhood movies: Paul's Roman, steam punk, time travel, apocalyptic epic and Matt's escape mental patient horror story(s). They also explore the plot of Gymkata, the death of a snake charmer, and Paul's love of Katy Perry's "themes." They also discuss who has bigger balls: a woman filming herself driving in Saudi Arabia or a rescued man suing 1st responders. APPEARANCES BY: Native American ice cream mafioso JOCK VS NERD: Star Trek beverages vs. NBA owner political ramifications

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Second City performer Cody Dove joins Matt and Paul for this episode of Ice Cream Social. They discuss joke telling and childhood reading habits, sample Cody's vast array of amazing impressions and highlight the clear differences between American and South American rodeos. Paul recommends "Garfield Minus Garfield" and they debut a new segment. JOCK VS NERD: the new Star Wars timeline vs. the NCAA Basketball Tournament

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Meet Paul Mattingly. Penn's Sunday School Co-host Matt Donnelly interviews his comedy partner Paul on this, the debut episode of Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social. Paul discusses what it's like to grow up in Lebanon, Kentucky as the son of a former Catholic priest and a nun, his childhood friend D.L. and a Rocky & Bullwinkle RPG. Paul's origin story covered, they discuss Strom Thurman potentially working at UPS, a youtube campaign called "Don't Kill Eli" and try to answer two equally important questions: "Are electronic devices harming our children?" and "Where is Napoleon's penis, anyway?"

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