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Dr Frankenstein and his creature stop by. Halloween themed scoop mail, spooky future dating game, and double jock vs nerd from The Bearded Ones and In The Loop podcasts. 

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hey Scoops, Matt here. I pimp Paul 2 or 3 times to rap and sing.  There is a Mark Twain rap and another state song that we believe is telling you about a murder. We are probably wrong. There is some scoop mail and a jock vs nerd and also Paul stops the show from ending like 3 or 4 times. Enjoy!

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Linq Wizard, Jon Gray let us into his big fancy pants office on the strip for our best behind the scenes look at the Las Vegas we-never-knew-about interview. How did this local from Tonopah work his way up the Vegas food chain so quickly? What is it like to change the Vegas skyline with the High Roller? How polite can you be to Paul when he proposes a terrible idea for a night club? All answers here and more. From Bally's front desk, to working as the right hand man to George Maloof in The Palms hey day, to becoming a high rolling big wig for Caesars, Jon Gray knows how Vegas works like no one else.

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Jacob is a hard ass to cops in Missouri. Matt listens in on a Hooter's managers summit. Paul tells Matt about his cashier karma. Richmond, Kentucky's fiction dog mayor, Ruff Barkington speaks. Plus, SCOOP MAIL and JOCK VS NERD.

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Public Speaking gig and fears get tackled as The Life is Beautiful Speaker Series curator, Lisa Shufro stops by to reveal the amazing line up and speakers like Penn & Teller, Pussy Riot, 3-D human tissue printers and language inventors. From Iowa, to concert violinist to Ted Med, to think tank, to Vegas, Lisa leaps and figures out how to fly on the way down.  Also Million Dollar Quartet, Twilight singer Felice Garcia, stops by to debut her new solo album. From her Reno roots to booking dozens of shows in Vegas, Felice lets her versatility shine as she chats it up with Matt and Mattingly.

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Paul teaches Matt how to speak hawaiian for a mixed company Descendants viewing party. Scoop Mail: Dangerous sex with love, our podcast is bad for parking, Paul's collection of WWE figures, and revisiting "gangbanger". JOCK VS NERD: FSU's QB rap sheet VS. new chick comedy trilogy.

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A filthy high school harpsichordist is not getting his deposit back. When Matt watchesShawshank Redemption, Paul watches Transformers. Matt recalls a fraternity debate of going gay vs. banging a buffalo. Revisiting Indecent Proposal, the NBA's lack of nicknames, and state song debate. Scoop Mail: Worst nose hair removal story ever. Jock Vs. Nerd: Teenage Mutant Comic Creators Vs. Paul's favorite NBA Executive shoplifter.

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All we know about this show is it was recorded at 4am some night in July.  We think Paul bashes his face with his own microphone and nearly knocks himself out.  But we could be wrong. Listen at your own risk.

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Night of a thousand bits: Matt discusses wrap party for Director's Cut. Clint from Geek Dig challenges the boys in Jock Vs. Nerd and more Scoop Mail

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Matt finds out eveyone he works for has been fired and he may not have a job. Paul tells a very vunerable dry hump story. JOCK VS NERD: Can't a guy retire to some inflated stories vs. which 80 movie is getting a really late look at a third. SCOOP MAIL: ML makes his first appearance as ombudsman. Hugsrock writes back to clear up some details on our most painfully famous scoop mail ever.

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