Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

In this weeks episode Matt explains a slang term from his group of college buddies, an Italian Air Show.  Paul discusses the differences between the Veronica Mars movie and Indian Jones the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and modifying his cars.  Also Atheist bingo and how the two hosts interact with police while being pulled over.  APPEARANCES BY:  Officer John Bunnell/ Cypress Hill/ Paul Lynde JOCK VS NERD: NY Jets free agent signing vs an 80's cartoon live action movie.

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Fresh off performing the Neutrino Video Project, Matt and Paul discuss their childhood movies: Paul's Roman, steam punk, time travel, apocalyptic epic and Matt's escape mental patient horror story(s). They also explore the plot of Gymkata, the death of a snake charmer, and Paul's love of Katy Perry's "themes." They also discuss who has bigger balls: a woman filming herself driving in Saudi Arabia or a rescued man suing 1st responders. APPEARANCES BY: Native American ice cream mafioso JOCK VS NERD: Star Trek beverages vs. NBA owner political ramifications

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Second City performer Cody Dove joins Matt and Paul for this episode of Ice Cream Social. They discuss joke telling and childhood reading habits, sample Cody's vast array of amazing impressions and highlight the clear differences between American and South American rodeos. Paul recommends "Garfield Minus Garfield" and they debut a new segment. JOCK VS NERD: the new Star Wars timeline vs. the NCAA Basketball Tournament

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Meet Paul Mattingly. Penn's Sunday School Co-host Matt Donnelly interviews his comedy partner Paul on this, the debut episode of Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social. Paul discusses what it's like to grow up in Lebanon, Kentucky as the son of a former Catholic priest and a nun, his childhood friend D.L. and a Rocky & Bullwinkle RPG. Paul's origin story covered, they discuss Strom Thurman potentially working at UPS, a youtube campaign called "Don't Kill Eli" and try to answer two equally important questions: "Are electronic devices harming our children?" and "Where is Napoleon's penis, anyway?"

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