Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

Paul educates and defends Juggalo culture to Matt.  Paul nicknames our listeners. Matt owes someone a sincere handy. Why is Sarah Palin closer to William Shatner than Fred Phelps and why don't Matt and Paul want to make fun religious accidental deaths? Answer-Miracles! Jock Vs. Nerd: Rich racist skirt chasing Donald Sterling VS Atari dumpster chasing treasure trash, ET.

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Dr. Cease and Prof. Desist teach Matt and Paul a very valuable lesson about allegedly photo-shopping your heads on what may or may not be cows. Plus, Paul's 2 rules for surviving the apocalypse- not how to, but whether to! Matt and bacon are one and the same. Paul defends his love of John Mayer.  The infamous mailing of Cecil and Nathan Fartz and Hot girls’ one test to determine their true hotness.


On a serious note: Matt addresses an atheist/agnostic friend's grieving for the loss of his partner and an amazing thought he shared about handling his ordeal.


Jock Vs. Nerd: 25th Anniversary of a game console vs 113th Anniversary of this pitcher's first win.


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Episode 011: World Series of Comedy Host Steven Roberts: Interview

Gay man with straight son, Steven Roberts stops by to plug World Series of Comedy, get his balls busted for his complicated twitter handle, and talks about the strange arrangement that made him a gay dad.  Paul and Matt discuss solutions for performing on cruise ships, the difficulties of stand up vs improv, and Niche's Publishing. Jock Vs. Nerd: Biblical Defensive Player of the Year Vs. MST3000 Return

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Stephen Colbert challenges as new host of Late Show as told by Eric Jeffers who rejoins Mattingly and Matt in studio.  Just how much crack is smoked by "celebrity impersonators" in Las Vegas. Paul talks some blood moon bullshit.  Paul and Matt nearly murder each other talking Springsteen Vs Guided by Voices. Jock Vs Nerd: Black baseball player numbers and the false return of Firefly.

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Matt got hired for a very strange prank and you can too! Paul discusses spoiler alerts fro Games of Thrones and does not discuss Game of Thrones and doesn't need spoiler alert. Matt And Paul discuss preferred gender of offspring.  NAME DROPS: Matt saw Wayne Brady's improv show at the Mirage and met him backstage. Paul looks back at performing with Jason Sudeikis. Jock Vs Nerd: Pro Football player spent "4 years a slave"? Vs. He Man Movie!

EDITOR NOTE: This show closes with a news item that was an April's fool's that fooled both Paul and Matt.  Unfortunately, Ban Affleck is still Batman.

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Paul and Matt lay into Eric Jeffers for being the dirty Cirque Clown he is.  "MimeSpace" is a gold mine for mime social networking! How is Nathan Fillion responsible for Matt being stuck in show business? Paul drops out of college in Kentucky. Jock Vs. Nerd: Tiger Woods splintering hopes of catching Jack Nicklaus Vs. The possibility of a Battle Star Galactica Movie. 

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Matt & Paul gets 5 star reviews on iTunes and they didn't write them! The boys discuss torturing their childhood toys.  Does American Pie hold up, do people fuck pies and what pie would people fuck if they did. Paul rewrites showgirl show Jubilee. Maya Angelou can save Mel Gibson.  Jock Vs Nerd: NFL Cheerleaders Financial Planning Vs. Undertakers Undertaking at Wrestlemania.

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Live from an empty theater, where anything can be used as a weapon, Matt and Paul take on America's Got Talent season 7 quarter finalist Eric Dittleman. They discuss his background as a magician/mentalist, his transition into improv and a little bit of Pee Wee Herman. Get a behind the scenes look around AGT and Eric's dating history. JOCK VS NERD: NBA tanking vs. 80's video game symbols.

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In this episode the guys discuss all things prostitution, from Amsterdam to legal and illegal prostitution in Nevada, and a missing watch.  Paul has a surprisingly emotional attachment to an animatronic band, and Matt is "almost" as cool as LARPers.  JOCK VS NERD: What sports story leads to the call to #CancelColbert vs. old school pinball and video games.  ICS HISTORY: Jacob the Audio Guy's 1st episode.

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