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Matt and Paul interview Ms. Palsha about her start in Vegas, her journey from Jubilee Dancer to Vegas headliner in Vegas: the Show.  She addresses the trials and politics and making a living as a dancer from Go Go, Jubilee, Bite, Fantasy, and Peep Show. From the decision to dance topless, to the need to audition for a major show in secret, to facing physical sabotage and hurtful harassment, Tara reflects on a hard fought career and the major decision to leave it all behind for a shot at Broadway in NYC.  Daughter of and opera singer, she addresses the pressure of trying to sing as a career later in life.  Also in the is episode, Paul can add or multiply. Audio Guy, Jacob confeeses to making a living of Tara's boobs for over five years. Scoop Mail: Jakob questions the boys about art snobbery. Manuel asks about choosing a career in comedy versus economics.

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EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) closes it's drugged out doors after another successful year in Las Vegas. The stories and heroes are created from this festival for the soul purpose of annoying Matt and Paul. Paul shoves his Kentucky hand in Matt's dirty Jersey face over state anthems. Matt reveals the sweetest revenge he ever took on San Diego hipsters who were hating on Bon Jovi. Also, is Book of Mormon the most important musical ever? JOCK VS. NERD: Michael Sam's super sexy hashtag Vs. G. I. Secret Satan. MEGA SCOOP MAIL: Chris follows up up on female coaches for men's sports by teaching the boys about "Grandma" Peters. SactoMonkey wants to know if we can put a stop to Terry Fator. Moxie wants to talk harder jobs, actors and musicians. Nic sends a figgity fuck you to Jacob. Steven proposes and Ice Cream Social Fantasy Football League. Lukas has a covert way to market ICS.  Finally, Scoop Dogg, writes in with our deepest scoop mail yet- How to deal with being an atheist in a very religious household.

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Paul's bargains with his wife over their TV programs and he pays a dear dear price.  Matt's boy Monroe Martin is still in the game at Last Comic Standing despite J.B. Smoov's attempt to torpedo the show's success by refusing to speak english when he hosts. Paul would rather someone kill his family than be told that "American Hustle" is a good movie. Matt's wife accidentally open's up for Nancy Pelosi of a women equality event. Scoop Mail: Nic sends in some good tunes, backhanded compliments, and advanced apologies. Drew takes our shitty job request literally. Mike sends in another haiku. Moxie has an audio question for Jacob. Lord Tristan corrects Paul on Evangalion. Andy is further tortured by the lack of video with ICS's good looking guests. Paul answers to his shady past with Billy Joel. Horse Detective is on twitter and ready to solve crime. Jock Vs. Nerd: Spurs total ass whooping of the Heat Vs. Seth Rogen's take on Nintendo and Sega.

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First things first, we figure out exactly what occupation the lovely Dayna Roselli has. She looks back on rising through the local ranks of TV News and what brought her from New York State to Sin City via helicopter. Also, Gilbert Gottfried got Dayna to say something filthy on the 6am news. Dayna dishes on her worst celebrity interview. We try to get her to talk smack about any Vegas personality she has interviewed.  She confesses to toeing the line between flirtation and journalism with a hot guest, her hatred of Anchor Man, and how her helicopter pilot abused his job so he could be an HOA rat for his neighborhood. Dayna and Matt attended a special screening of Jersey Boys the movie.  Jock Vs. Nerd: Star Wars Stoner Curse Vs. US-HEY, Who plays for us in soccer?

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Stars of History Channel's hit show "American Restoration", Rick And Kelly Dale welcome Matt and Paul to their shop to record Ice Cream Social on the site of the show and business. Rick talks about what it was like to work in restoration for 25 years before getting a TV Show, his fortunate start on Pawn Stars, and what is dream restoration would be. Kelly talks about how they met, what Rick needed in his business that she provides, and her own experience being introduced to the restoration world after being a bartender.  The two discuss bringing family into your business, traveling as "celebrities" around the world, and why Americans or more shy and don't just grabbed people's butts.  Jock Vs. Nerd: 30 Year Anniversary cult classic comedy Vs. Just what does Donald Sterling want in the sale of the Clippers.

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Matt and Paul discuss Last Comic Standing's Monroe Martin, Tracy Morgan, and women's roles in Orange is the New Black. (No spoilers) Plus, one good reason to try dumpster diving in LA, what a unicorn horn is called, and Paul's second novel "Pasted in the Body" is discovered.

Jock Vs. Nerd: Andy Murray's kooky coaching choice vs. The Video Game that never was or wil be.

Sccop Mail: Dustin thanks Paul for defending Bronies. Stephen writes a couple of poems for Paul and Matt. asks the boys which video game they would live in. Nic is impatient and wants to send the guys stuff, but can't! Joel appreciates Matt's name dropping and asks the boys which video game they would live in. Travis corrects the boys about the supposed death of Segway Founder. Scoopette E talks about her crappy job working at a salmon factory.

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The tremendously funny and lovely Kasey Wilson sits in with Matt and Paul and discusses her version of "Antiquing" in Las Vegas.  Paul and Kasey compare My Little Pony collections. Kasey slams Matt with facts about the tensions between Northern and Southern Californians.  Would we tolerate Billy Bob Thorton if he wasn't famous?  The trio discuss their very first roles they were cast in as children.  Kasey reveals her history of stand up, improv, and burlesque.  She also talks about the very crazy creation process of Vegas Nocturne at Rose Rabbit Lie in the Cosmopolitan. Plus, Paul loves Peaches, someone is fisting jars of jelly, and everyone is still pissed about the last season of Lost. Jock Vs. Nerd: California Chrome's owner's new basketball hustle Vs. The new PS4 TV show about detecting super powers that somehow does now involve horses.

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The very lovely and extremely talented Kristen Hertzenberg stops by to chat about her childhood ambition for singing Opera, dropping that dream for musical theater, and taking "Acting for Opera Singers" as an actual class, for real, in college. Matt and Kristen reveal the secret world of "8 count" parties. Paul invents Karoa-opera, and explores a world where we outlaw pasta. Matt and Kristen debate the plot and morality of The Phantom of the Opera.  Is the Phantom a date rapist? Can there be theater in Florida without the crinkling of candy wrappers? Why is Matt the only person who knows why all three in the studio played Right Field as baseball players in school?

Scoop Mail: SactoMonkey calls out Paul for baseball "rehearsal". Jeff takes sports breaks at work. Kevin's bad job was as a soldier, where in remote areas, stirring flaming drums of burning poop. He also asks Paul about David Goyer's She Hulk comments. Sine in Denmark doubles down on asking vague questions.

Jock Vs. Nerd: Clippers New Ballm'ing Owner Vs.12 Years a Star Wars cast member.

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Vegas is the club capital on the world. Can it come to a screeching hault with the loss of a thumb drive? Should someone who loses said thumb drive get paid $15 million dollars.  Also, Matt struggles to get Paul's attention as he explains Sabermetric statistics in sports. Matt deals with an anti-vaccine facebook friend, Paul gets threatened driving down Las Vegas Blvd, and Matt begs people to stop saying the Pope and President are posing for "selfies".  Plus, Maya Angelou laps dances, Jupiter is in the Money House, and Lottery Ticket stores.

Scoop Mail: Scoop John B digs Blue Bell ice cream, Chrisy wants Scoop Con to happen, Lori wants to know the origin of the Ice Cream Social, Oli from the UK want to know Paul's take on competitive (video) gaming

Jock Vs. Nerd: Matt dares Paul to tell him anything at all about the Stanley Cup Finals Vs. Paul dreads a certain shallow Hollywood mogul getting his hand on Paul's favorite Jap-Anime of all time.

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